Bigshots Marketing® coaches small business owners toward success, teaching them how to connect with their clients and prospects in meaningful ways and build lasting relationships. While other marketing consultants are jumping on the social media bandwagon we take a more balanced approach between online and real world marketing. Learn to connect with your clients, grow your business and become a BigShot! How can we help you today?

A New Way of Thinking About Small Business Marketing

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WE LIVE in what I call an “over-communicated world”…and by an over communicated world I mean that we can’t go anywhere with out being bombarded by marketing messages.

Billboards litter the landscape. We’re interrupted while we’re watching TV shows, listening to the radio. Some newspapers and magazines are more advertising than content…and the internet is just as bad!

As consumers we’ve learned to block-out most of those messages.

So, how do we as small business owners create a message that is so compelling that it can break through that barrier?

The BigShots Marketing® Method
Well that’s where the BigShots Marketing® Method can help and I want to show you how.

The first step is to see “what we do” from the customers point of view. From their emotional point of view…

  • do you make pizza…or do you help families spend time together?
  • do you sell flowers…or do you help people say what words can’t?

**The point is to understand WHY people are coming to you and then market yourself to reflect THAT idea.**

Then, around that idea, we’ll build a marketing strategy that will bring you more success than you ever thought was possible. And without breaking your marketing budget in the first week.

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I look forward to getting to know you and learning about your small business and I hope to inspire you to start marketing your small business like a BigShot!