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by David on October 4, 2010

WELCOME TO BIGSHOTS MARKETING! This is a project that has been in the making for several years and today, I’m proud to say, has officially arrived to aid small businesses around North America as this free blog and small business marketing coaching service.

The idea behind the BigShots Marketing® Method is a simple one and is the most often overlooked by small business owners when planning their marketing strategy… understanding “what they do”. Imagine your marketing strategy as a dartboard with the bulls eye being your “core marketing message”, or the core thing that you want people to know about you. Your core marketing message will be revealed by your answer to the  following question: “What do you do?”

What do you do?
Do you make pizza? Or do you make time for families to spend together?

Are you an interior decorator? Or do you help people fall in love with their homes again?

“What do you do” is a simple question, but the correct answer will give you the direction of your marketing strategy. Your market plan; your social media strategy; your traditional media strategy; even the colour choices for your logo and website…everything will flow out of that answer like the numbered wedges on that dartboard, spreading out from the bulls eye and helping you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Make Connections
The goal of a good marketing plan is to connect with your clients in such a way that you become the de facto company or service that they turn to, every time.

My hope is that this blog will become a regular stop as you build your small business and that perhaps you will decide to hire me as your personal marketing coach.

B!gShots Bottom line: plant the right seed into people’s minds and you will forever be reaping the rewards.

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