Your New Digital Assistant

by David on October 20, 2010

WITH THE TECHNOLOGY WE HAVE today there’s no excuse for not being able to keep up with what’s going on in your industry. Case in point: Google Alerts.

Become An Expert

One of the keys to marketing your small business and a key of the BigShots Marketing Strategy is to become an expert in your field. One of the methods I suggest is by becoming a blogger, it’s cheap or free and you are in total control of your message. If you don’t have the time right now to start your own blog the second best thing is participating in other people’s blogs as a way of becoming an expert in your field.

So you say you don’t even have the time to surf others blogs looking for compelling content on your subject of expertise? Well, how about this handy tool to bring the latest blogs directly to you? Visit Google Alerts and in 2 minutes or less you’ll start receiving daily updates on the subject of your choice directly in your email box.

How Does It Work?

Enter the search terms you want to monitor, select what you want to monitor (in this case blogs) you could also pick news or discussions of your topic of choice. Tell Google Alerts how often you want updates I suggest only once a day…’as they happen’ gets kind of annoying, then select the volume you want agin I suggest ‘only the best results’, you’re busy enough. Then all that’s left to do is enter your email and create your alert.

Marketing With Your Morning Coffee

Simple as that, your new digital assistant will keep track of what’s happening around the web for you, all you need to do is go through your summary to see what sparks your interest, click and participate in the discussion!

B!gShots Bottom line: being an expert in your field is easier than ever, take advantage of the free tools available and you’ll become a marketing BigShot.

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