Create the Killer Subject Line

by David on December 2, 2010

ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL tools in any small business owners marketing arsenal is the email campaign. Now, I’m not talking about or endorsing SPAM, I’m talking about marketing to your opt-in email list of past clients and other people who have signed up to receive your updates either through your blog or your website. You do have an easy to find newsletter signup on your website don’t you?

They say first impressions are the most important and in the email marketing world that means your subject line.

When preparing to write the all important subject line for your campaign you need to be thinking in 2 terms:

  1. catching the readers imagination
  2. not being mistaken for spam

Subject Lines that Won’t Get ‘Junked’

The whole point of your marketing campaign is to get your email read so you need to capture the imagination or interest of the reader. If you aren’t able to, it’s likely that your message will simply get junked. Here are 4 quick tips to avoid that:

  • keep your message short, not more than 50 characters is a good start any longer and the subject line will get cut off…
  • identify your company so they know it’s coming from you, a trusted partner
  • tell them what the email is about like “Fresh Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover”
  • and  show some sort of a benefit, this is what will make them click to open the email

Avoid Sales Jargon

The biggest failure of your email campaign would be if it never makes it to the inbox…but finds its way directly to the ‘junk’ folder. Here are a few things to keep that from happening:

  • do not use the word ‘you’, this is a sure sign that the email is not coming from someone you know
  • avoid exclamation marks and question marks, in fact don’t use any punctuation at all, you shouldn’t need it
  • and the big things to avoid are words like: free, sale, urgent, opportunity, etc. anything that seems salesy

B!Gshots Bottom Line: Email marketing can be the key to your small business success story, use it properly and you’ll be on your way!

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