Doritos Emphasize the Social in Social Media

by David on March 5, 2011

DORITOS HAS ONCE AGAIN emphasized the social in their social media mix.

As the tsunami wave of businesses, big and small, are jumping into the social media boat, Doritos is taking the essence of social media and putting it into the hands of their fans around the country. This time around Frito Lay is asking fans to finish a commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl.

Thousands Interact

This “consumer-generated” direction has certainly paid off. Last years Viralocity campaign collected 2,000 videos…the goal for this campaign was 6,000 videos…they received 7,000 entries in the first week!

Social Media is Not Enough

It’s not enough to put your small business into the Social Media ring, you also have to get your fans to interact with your product in the real world too.

How can your small business learn from this approach?

B!Gshots Bottom Line: Get on social media but bring the social aspect into the real world and reap the rewards.


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