What Are QR Codes?

by David on March 31, 2011

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IF YOU HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION (and I know you have), you have started noticing unusual looking black and white squares with strange patterns in them popping up everywhere, especially in print publications.

They are QR codes and function similarly to the more familiar bar codes used to scan items for price information at stores. The difference is that they are designed to deliver more information about a product or service to the end user…your potential client.

Using their smart phone with their downloaded QR Reader app, they can scan your advertisement or store front poster and get more information about your product of service or better yet receive a special coupon!

Where to Use Them

QR codes can be used in any kind of print material, for example:

  • conference/event displays
  • print advertisements
  • business cards
  • brochures, posters and flyers
  • postcards and mailers

What QR Code Can Do

  • view a mobile website (special landing page)
  • dial a phone number
  • send a text or email
  • view a special offer or receive coupon
  • download contact details (vCARD)
  • view a Google maps location
  • view a social media profile

Specific Examples

  • A vendor at a conference places a QR Code on their display booth so that attendees can conveniently scan and save the vendor’s information as they pass by.
  • A restaurant includes a QR Code on a takeout menu, which links to a mobile restaurant website for online reservations, orders and interactive directions.
  • A retail store displays a QR Code next to in-store products to view product demonstrations and reviews.

The possibilites are endless….

B!gShots Bottom Line: if a part of your marketing strategy is to connect with new clients in innovative ways get set-up with a series of QR Codes for your business. Contact me for help.




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