If Facebook Were A Country…

by David on February 22, 2012


YOU’VE HEARD IT already a million times, “If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world” [1][2][3]

But you wanna know the truth?? It isn’t…

Facebook Is Not A Country
Facebook has no schools or hospitals, it has no police force, firefighters or army, it has no roads or highways, no electric company in fact it has absolutely no infrastructure at all!!

Facebook is NOT a country…it is a social media platform. People don’t live there they only go there to socialize…that’s it…period.

If your small business marketing strategy on Facebook is the same as your real world strategy you will fail. The return on your investment of time and effort marketing on Facebook will be a waste and you will walk away (or click away) frustrated saying that “social media doesn’t work”.

Adjust Your Message for Your Audience
I continue to tell my small business clients that no matter where you are marketing; a hockey arena, the local mall, in a magazine or newspaper, on the radio or TV, you need to adjust your marketing message accordingly. And the same goes for marketing on Facebook.

A ‘Real’ World Example
You know how annoying it is when you’re out at dinner or a nightclub with friends talking, drinking, eating, sharing stories and that lady shows up with a basket of flowers to sell you …? Annoying.

Do you want to be that annoying person on Facebook who keeps showing up, trying to sell us something when we’re just here to socialize? It could do more damage than good to your brand image.

When people are socializing they are not thinking about “buying” per se, so don’t sell…socialize.

B!gShots Bottom Line: If you want to deliver your marketing message on Facebook your are going to need to get social with it.

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