THE BIGSHOTS MARKETING® METHOD is a straightforward system that builds a small business marketing plan on your answer to the question: “What do you do?” If you can answer that question honestly, you are on your way to turning your small business idea into a small business success story!

The BigShots Marketing® Method was developed by the 20+ year broadcasting and marketing veteran David Tyler (Boullata).

“I’m always shocked at how many small businesses set themselves up to fail, because on a fundamental level they are not able to understand what they do!”

As a small business marketing coach David has helped turn good ideas into successful ideas.

BigShots Marketing™ gave Pedlex the edge it needed to succeed in our competitive marketplace!”- Francis Poirier, PEDLEX

David helped me understand how and why to market my small business. I am now more proactive with my marketing based on David’s ideas. – Rebecca Mitchell, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

BigShots Marketing was exactly what we needed. David helped us to recognize our brand identity (what we do) and then express it through a comprehensive social media strategy. We now know how to market like bigshots! – Sylvie Gardiner, Cuisinox

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David Tyler (Boullata)