Bigshots Marketing® coaches small business owners toward success, teaching them how to connect with their clients and prospects in meaningful ways and build lasting relationships. While other marketing consultants are jumping on the social media bandwagon we take a more balanced approach between online and real world marketing. Learn to connect with your clients, grow your business and become a BigShot! How can we help you today?

Success Comes in Cans [Video]

March 7, 2011

Watch the new BigShots Marketing TV commercial:

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Doritos Emphasize the Social in Social Media

Thumbnail image for Doritos Emphasize the Social in Social Media March 5, 2011

DORITOS HAS ONCE AGAIN emphasized the social in their social media mix. As the tsunami wave of businesses, big and small, are jumping into the social media boat, Doritos is taking the essence of social media and putting it into the hands of their fans around the country. This time around Frito Lay is asking […]

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How Blogging Can Catapult Your Small Business

Thumbnail image for How Blogging Can Catapult Your Small Business December 15, 2010

BLOGGING IS AN IMPORTANT PART of the BigShots Marketing Method. A cost efficient way to get your message out to the world and to attract new customers. I came across this great presentation by Anil Dash a blogging expert from San Francisco who works for Six Apart. The presentation is on the long side, but, […]

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Create the Killer Subject Line

Thumbnail image for Create the Killer Subject Line December 2, 2010

ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL tools in any small business owners marketing arsenal is the email campaign. Now, I’m not talking about or endorsing SPAM, I’m talking about marketing to your opt-in email list of past clients and other people who have signed up to receive your updates either through your blog or your website. […]

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Viral Marketing Done Right

Thumbnail image for Viral Marketing Done Right November 29, 2010

NOT ALL viral marketing video should be or needs to be this long (almost 5 minutes), but when the story is this good, length is not an issue. An important key factor is not to make it ‘salesy’. Take your core marketing message (in this case, stay out of the doghouse) and expand it until […]

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Kiss Your Publicist Goodbye

Thumbnail image for Kiss Your Publicist Goodbye October 25, 2010

THAT OF COURSE is if you can even afford to have one in the first place! Blogger Nettie Hartsock recommends 7 smart ways to kiss your publicist goodbye. Here are the first 3: 1. Make your site a mini-magazine issue of thought-leadership. Look at your site as though it’s a real publication for both your […]

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Article Marketing for Small Business

October 22, 2010

AS A FOLLOW UP to my last post, another way to show yourself as an expert in your field without going the blog route is something called Article Marketing. Simply put you write an article about topics relating to your business and get them published in as many places as possible. Connect Don’t Sell Remember the […]

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Your New Digital Assistant

October 20, 2010

WITH THE TECHNOLOGY WE HAVE today there’s no excuse for not being able to keep up with what’s going on in your industry. Case in point: Google Alerts. Become An Expert One of the keys to marketing your small business and a key of the BigShots Marketing Strategy is to become an expert in your field. […]

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Social Media Oneness

October 8, 2010

THERE ARE SO MANY social media outlets that you can market yourself through it really is getting hard to keep track. Think about it from your customers point of view, you are all over the place! Today, I discovered a way to unify your online image called: It’s a totally modifiable website builder that […]

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