Hey [wlm_firstname]!

Welcome back! Below, you’ll find links to your 5 day BigShots Marketing® Course. Please feel free peruse the lessons but it’s best to do the classes in order. At the end of each day (bottom of the page) you will have the chance to ask questions and participate in a discussion with the other participants.

Day One – In your first lesson you’ll learn the basics of understanding marketing. You’ll discover “who you are” from your customers point of view and create a core marketing message that you want everybody to know.

Day Two – Based on what you learned in Day One, your second lesson you’ll make critical decisions on creating your brand image. You’ll learn how to exploit the laws of branding/positioning and show you how teaching will create customer loyalty.

Day Three – Learn to harness the power of the internet with a website that works for you and not against you. How and why you should be blogging and the rules of email marketing.

Day Four – Earning real world attention and achieve expert status. We’ll also explore traditional advertising on TV, radio and print and decide what is right for you.

Day Five – Harness the power of direct mail and establish your for-of-mouth referral system. You’ll discover how to create a marketing calendar and decide on your budget.